"About Vejstrupgaard - Farm holiday and Bed and Breakfast"

Hanna says when you are on holiday - you must be pampered

Vejstrupgaard has been in the family's ownership since 1933. Now Hanna and Poul two sons that runs the family farm. It is a farm in full operation with pigs and plant breeding approx. 200 ha. We make our electricity with solar cells and heat with straw - and are in these connections CO2 neutral.

Hanna and Poul have offered Farm Holidays and Bed and Breakfast for more than 50 years. Over the years we have had many lovely guests from around 50 different countries - many returns - one guest has returned 60 times. And there is always time for a talk, good advice and help during your stay.

Family celebrations: Weddings, gold and diamond weddings, birthday parties from 1 year up to 90 years. At parties, the host obviously decides the menu along with Hanna. We serve good water to drink during parties - other drinks must be brought by the host. Parties are only held in connection with accommodation 12 people.

Weekend stays: Contact us for a quote.

Hanna loves to pamper her guests - and it must be done right. Therefore, many of the products used in Hanna's kitchen come from the farm's grounds. And most of what is served is homemade. From homemade marmalades, bread, meat, vegetables and fruit - to fresh milk products. Poul is, like Hanna, happy for your visit. And if the kids want a ride on a tractor, Poul is easy to persuade.


Hanna og Poul Thomsen | Vejstruprød Landevej 3 | DK 6093 Sjølund
+45 75 57 40 92 | +45 40 17 40 92 | vejstrupgaard@post.tele.dk